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WRAG Diadem

The Utimate Tractor mounted postdriver for versatility and power.

The ultimate in versatility and power.
Engineered to carry an impressive 400kg or 300kg hammer, the Diadem provides maximum impact on top of the post, especially combined with the free-fall drop hammer. The combination of the hydraulic beam, the mast and the unique beam clamp, gives the Diadem a complete range of well-balanced movements, regardless of its position in the 200 degree working arc for the times when versatility, manoeuvrability and accuracy are paramount.

Typically a contractors machine, the Diadem is designed to be the market-leading post driver, not only in regard to functional movements but also with its renowned durability.

Whether the task is to fence at lowered heights in ditches, reach over the ditches with the telescopic beam, on the top of banks and steep slopes, or deer fencing there is no job that’s too challenging for the Diadem. As a result of the unparalleled versatility, the need to move the tractor to each post becomes redundant, increasing productivity and saving mess. For example, the two gateposts in a gateway can be driven in, using only the post driver’s range of movements; Mess or Manoeuvrability?

Beam Clamp
Ensures the beam remains precisely in position, reducing twisting and wear as well as improving accuracy (patents pending).

Watch the WRAG Diadem in action ...


  • 400kg Hammer
  • Full set of hydraulic legs
  • Telescopically extending beam (2.5m extension)
  • Telescopically lifting beam (offers greater mast height and hammer drop)
  • 200 degree swing
  • Beam clamp
  • Powertilt – 4 way mast tilt
  • Rockspike ready
  • General purpose heavy duty post plate
  • Hammer guard (offering protection)
  • Under hammer clearance – 5.2m (possible post size)
  • Upgraded and reinforced, heavy duty build quality to suit 400kg hammer
  • Weight – 1650kg

Optional Extras

  • Rockspike (choice of size) and optional add-on bullets
  • Hydraulic rockspike swing
  • Road kit
  • Auger (choice of size)
  • 300kg Hammer
  • Net Unroller
  • Tow bar
  • Specific purpose built post plates
  • Bespoke tool boxes/carriers/trays
  • Spinning jenny
  • Electric controls
  • Pulling loops

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