WRAG are a family run business based in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside. We've been manufacturing Post Drivers for over 25 years.

Since 1992 WRAG has been mounting post drivers to a wide range of machines, including tractors, excavators, multi-function loaders and many more. During these 28 years, the team at WRAG has produced market-leading post drivers to enhance the user’s ability in regard to fencing.

With the help of professional users, fencing contractors, farmers, the occasional user and plant machinery operators, WRAG has developed Post Drivers that are second to none. The versatility and the manufacturing quality surpasses all our competition.

Wrag Post Driver

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“It’s (BXL) just made life out in the field a lot easier and means I can be a lot more productive around the farms,”

“We are all very impressed with the COMMANDER XL. It does the job well
and I have the peace of mind of knowing that there’s excellent post sales customer service to back it up”

“We opted for the WRAG Commander XL post knocker with telescopic side
shift, a feature we find particularly useful.”

Julian H

“the performance of the OPUS 300 is excellent and I’m impressed with the
ease of use, build quality and design.”

“When I was looking at the options I required a model that could be towed easily on a trailer and the WRAG fitted the bill perfectly. I’ve not looked back”

“I placed an order a week later and was told delivery would be within 10
weeks and, as promised, the WRAGTRACK OPUS 300 arrived. It’s very
agile, capable of getting to and working on steep ground safely and much
better suited to our situation than the two post drivers we used at that time which were of a more conventional design mounted to tracked vehicles.”

Ryan M

“They value their customers and don’t view them as cash cows. I recently
ordered a couple of extra parts for it and they arrived promptly. No mess, no fuss and you need that level of trust and reliability when working in such remote locations.”

Ally R

“I required a reliable and effective track mounted post knocker that could get to the most difficult and challenging of places and that’s exactly what I’ve got with my WRAGTRACK TOW-IT. I can’t believe where it will go. It really does transform the nature of my workload.”

Wayne B

“I looked high and low and bought the WRAG machine because of its sheer versatility. I couldn’t find another to match it”

John D.

Discover some of the reasons our customers love us:

100% Made in the UK
100% Made in the UK
Versatile Post Drivers
High versatility machines second to none
Great Quality
Manufactured to the highest standards
Good Customer Service
Expert customer service

Worldwide provider of high quality solutions for the fencing industry.

Whether the post driver is for contracting, general repair, farm work or the occasional use, WRAG have designed an extensive range in order to suit each individual application. Difficulties and obstacles including awkward corners and irregular boundaries are a thing of the past whilst using a WRAG Post Driver.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Post Driver range is manufactured in Britain using only British components and materials.

Please see all of WRAG’s well tested and fully proven models to determine which one suits you best.

Wrag 16 RS for Post Drivers

Need maintenance or support? get in touch with our expert team.

Although it is very rare that WRAG Post Drivers require maintenance or support, the team at WRAG is very friendly and helpful, offering their assistance in answering questions, providing tips and explaining each machine.