WRAG are sole UK importers of unique vibratory post drivers for the post and pile driving market. With several models designed for mounting on most skidsteers, excavators, and loaders, VIBRO drivers deliver high production at an affordable price.

VIBRO drivers are particularly effective for the installation of solar panel supports of all sizes and types. In addition we have also successfully found applications for VIBRO post drivers in agricultural, marine, railway and construction markets. The VIBRO post driver also has the ability to remove posts.

VIBRO 100E (E – Excavator mount)
The VIBRO 100E post driver, our base model, offers the operator a simple machine, when coupled to an excavator great flexibility and operational simplicity. The 100E post driver needs a minimum of 4500kg weight class excavator and offers the capability to drive metal, wood and plastic posts. For long posts the vibrating head extends 1150mm above the maximum bucket pin height. The machine requires a double acting hydraulic service and a drain line and is controlled either by the joystick or foot pedal. There is also the option of an in cab display to show fore and aft (y axis) position of the mast. The 100E is by far our best seller and can be found working in such diverse locations such as fencing the oilfields of North Dakota to solar fields in Japan. It is an entry-level machine and options such as different mast lengths and side tilt can be added for increased output and added flexibility.

VIBRO 100S (S – Skidsteer or loader mount)
The VIBRO 100S post driver is a skid steer mounted version of the 100E and is available in many different configurations. The vibratory head can be centrally mounted or side mounted. X and Y axis tilt options are available along with side shift. The 100S has many applications from agricultural (vineyards) to construction (motorway crash barrier), are just some examples. The 100S requires a single acting hydraulic supply, a drain line and a tank line. It is controlled externally or internally depending on the specification.

The VIBRO 200S post driver is a machine that was specifically developed with the solar market in mind. It could be said that this machine is a solar post driver as it was developed for skidsteer loaders to accommodate the driving of long posts and yet have a low center of gravity. We could see that all other post driving machines worked by driving posts from the top, this required a heavy tall machine without the benefits of easy transportation. What is unique to the 200S post driver is the way the vibrating head is designed with the side grabbing ability. The 200S is the only production side grip machine in the world that offers 100% efficiency in the delivery of the vibratory power because of the unique design of the vibratory head. The 200S offers the operator a compact easily transported high output post driver that will suit any large tracked skidsteer, which in North America in particular, are easily available. It has external hydraulic control with side shift and X and Y axis leveling functions as standard. The 200S post driver valve chest is a pressure and flow compensated unit providing preset delivery. Operators have achieved outputs of up to 200 posts in an 8 hour day.