Post Drivers

Tracked Post Drivers

For the past 10 years, WRAG have been engineering post drivers onto track machines.

The main advantage of mounting PostDrivers onto a track dumper is to eliminate the need for a tractor. All necessary posts, rails and netting can be carried on the one machine. Labour costs are greatly reduced allowing the sole fencing contractor an easier one man operation.

WRAG can engineer their existing models onto your own track machine or one of ours. Our unique Commander X, Penna and Basic machines all work extremely well on tracks.

We do also have a purpose built machine for this exact application: The WRAG OPUS TRAX.

Our standard Track machine range, built here in the heart of England, are:

Penna 200T                                           Basic 200T

Penna 300T                                           Basic 300T

Commander X200T                            Commander XL200T

Commander X300T                            Commander XL300T

Opus X300T

To discuss your requirements and all options open to you specifically, please contact us for a no obligation, informal chat.