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Versatility, accuracy and ease of use.

The Diadem as the name suggests is WRAG’s jewel in the crown but often the tractor requirement is greater than large estates and contractors want to assign to fencing duties. So the Opus was introduced. It has all the attributes of the Diadem – versatility, accuracy and ease of use. The engineering, the combination of powerbeam, powertilt and mast control is as the Diadem but suited to 80 – 100hp tractors. Thereby allowing the ultimate machine to reach a wider audience.

Standard Features:

  • 200kg Hammer
  • Powerbeam – beam both extends and lifts, giving much greater mast height when required. Perfect for deer fencing as an example.
  • Powerswing
  • Powertilt
  • Full set hydraulic legs
  • Rockspike ready


  • 300kg hammer
  • Rockspike
  • Net Unroller
  • Towbar

As we are UK manufacturers and build in our own factory, bespoke requests for options will also be fulfilled wherever possible.


Under Hammer Clearance4.2m Telescopic Beam
Hammer (kg)300/ 200 Hydraulic Mast Leg
Approx. weight (kgs)1000 Hydraulic Front Leg
Powertilt Rock Spike
Powerslide HeadstockN/A

Items shown in bold are standard specification