Post Drivers

Commander X

If you are the owner of a large estate or a contractor the Commander X is engineered with you in mind.

Whether used in part of a team or as a one man operation the Commander X towers above the competition. It has versatility and flexibility second to none.

Powerslide Headstock
The Powerslide Headstock was designed for Post Drivers by WRAG. Now it has revolutionised the Post Driver industry but the original is still the best! In conjunction with the beam it allows the Post Driver to angle precisely where needed; whether in a rear position or side position. Awkward ‘no go’ areas will become a thing of the past, as the post driver slides along the headstock minimising the need to position the tractor exactly.

Standard features:

  • Powerslide Headstock
  • 200kg hammer
  • hydraulic mast ram
  • Powerswing – hydraulic swing enabling you to work down fence line or in a rear position or anywhere in between.
  • Powertilt – to work mast anywhere within 360 degrees
  • Hydraulic mast leg


  • 300kg hammer
  • Front hydraulic legs
  • Hydraulically extending beam
  • Rockspike ready
  • Rockspike
  • Net Unroller
  • Towbar

As we are UK manufacturers and build in our own factory, bespoke requests for options will also be fulfilled wherever possible.

Commander X

Under Hammer Clearance3.1m Telescopic Beam
Hammer (kg)300/ 200 Hydraulic Mast Leg
Approx. weight (kgs)930/ 825 Hydraulic Front Leg
Powertilt Rock Spike
Powerslide Headstock

Items shown in bold are standard specification